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The Law Office of Charles Medearis provides exceptional legal representation to victims of many different types of accidents. Whether you were hurt while on the road, on the job, at the store, or anywhere else, talk to an attorney today to discuss your options.

If you or someone you love was harmed by the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual or entity, you may be entitled to receive damages. From medical bills to lost wages to pain and suffering and more, Attorney Medearis advocates for individuals seeking compensation to cover a wide range of losses.

Every accident and injury is unique, so Attorney Medearis approaches every case with the individual attention it deserves. When you come to the Law Office of Charles Medearis for representation, you will receive down-to-earth guidance backed by extensive experience. Start the process of getting back on your feet today—talk to Charles in Austin, Texas. He proudly serves those in the surrounding areas, including Hays, Williamson, and Bastrop counties.

Injured in an Accident?

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Attorney Medearis Handles a Wide Range of Personal Injury Claims

Since 2009, the Law Office of Charles Medearis has been advocating for injured Texans in a variety of claims, including those involving:

  • Motor vehicle collisions

  • Bicycle collisions

  • Boating accidents

  • Construction accidents

  • Dog bites and animal attacks

  • Drowning accidents

  • Drunk driving accidents

  • Hit-and-run accidents

  • Uninsured motorist accidents

  • Commercial vehicle accidents

  • 18-wheeler accidents

  • Motorcycle collisions

  • Pedestrian collisions

  • Premises liability (slip and falls and dangerous properties)

  • Truck accidents

  • Wrongful death

No matter the circumstances in which you were hurt, if negligence was at play, you may have grounds to pursue legal action. Schedule a consultation with Attorney Medearis in Austin today to get started. He serves the needs of injured clients throughout the surrounding areas of Texas, including Hays County, Williamson County, and Bastrop County.

We Fight for Your Compensation

The Law Office of Charles Medearis will be focused on maximizing the value of your claim. We will seek a full and fair recovery for all of the damages you have suffered. Whether it is through a settlement or verdict, we will seek a recovery of: 

  • Special damages – These are damages that naturally (but not always necessarily) result from a party’s negligent or otherwise wrongful conduct. Typically, these damages include: 

  • Past and future medical expenses (including emergency treatment, surgery, hospitalization, rehabilitation, assistive devices and medication) 

  • Lost earnings (including lost past wages and the decrease in your ability to earn wages in the future) 

  • Physical disability (or impairment) 

  • Loss of consortium (or the harm to your family relationships) 

  • Loss of household services (the economic value of services you would provide around the home such as mowing the lawn or taking care of the children) 

  • Future pain and suffering and mental anguish. 

  • General damages – These are damages that necessarily result from a party’s misconduct and may include: 

  • The aggravation of a preexisting injury (such as a bad back) 

  • Scarring and disfigurement (including scars from burns or loss of limbs) 

  • Past pain and suffering and mental anguish. 

  • Exemplary damages – These are damages that are not aimed at compensating you for your harm. Instead, they are intended to punish the party who injured you and to deter that party and others from engaging in similar conduct in the future. These are also called punitive damages. These damages can be awarded if it is shown through clear and convincing evidence that a party knew his or her conduct carried an extreme degree of risk but acted anyway with conscious indifference to the safety, rights and welfare of you and others. Exemplary damages are subject to a cap under Texas law. 

Our goal will be obtain these damages for you in a settlement without the need to file a lawsuit or go to trial. However, we stand ready to litigate your matter in a court of law and tell your story to a jury.